About me

I fit every stereotype of being a millennial. 

I'm a 20-something who quit her social media job at 24 to build a social network for girls, and freelance as a writer, web designer and digital marketing strategist for small businesses. 

I also live in Brighton, have a dairy allergy, a wheat intolerance, pretty strong environmental views and a super nerdy interest in tech.

Pippa Says has been going for 7 years, created as the brain child of my angsty 17-year-old self. It's seen me through sixth form, a year of music school in Brighton, a three year journalism degree in Sheffield, six months of my first job in London, two years of a digital marketing career in Brighton and - somewhat sporadically - my "entrepreneurial journey".

This blog is for anyone who wants to build a business - DIY style. 

One day, I'd like to write a book. But right now, I'd rather share my words on the internet.