A girls weekend in Manchester

This weekend I've been up in Manchester for an extremely chatty weekend with two of my best friends from uni, Angeliqua and Jenny. Tucked away in a perfectly located flat in the Northern Quarter, we discussed life, university and international politics over a lot of prosecco - foolishly mixed with tequila (lesson learned).

Manchester's always had a special place in my heart - I've even considered living there at points. It's a vibrant city, with some stunning architecture and the perfect place to start a career - especially in media.

Unlike many of my trips, this weekend wasn't intended to be a fully-scheduled "let's be tourists" mini break. We were there to chat, drink wine, chat, eat, and chat some more. Everything you can imagine from a girls weekend. We did, however, end up at some fantastic eateries, coffee houses and bars.

You won't be the slightest bit surprised that I documented the whole thing.


This pretty much sums up our Friday night. The only thing you can't see is the three empty prosecco bottles in the room next door. We ended up at Trof, drinking tequila and dancing our heels off.



Our much-needed brunch in the flat - which we didn't eat until 2.30 due to staying firmly in our beds in the morning. Who's to blame? Tequila.

A lovely little wander around Manchester.

Some seriously good burgers from Almost Famous, who were really understanding and accommodating to my dairy allergy. You may be surprised by how many restaurants treat you like an inconvenience when you have an allergy.

Note to dairy free warriors: They put butter in their burger buns.


The original plan for Saturday night was to go out on Canal Street, but the sofa was far too comfortable to move from.


After rolling out of bed feeling 110% better than we felt the morning before, we treated ourselves to a fry up at Cafe North. As you can probably assume from the pictures, it went down a treat.

Tip: For you curious folk, the smoothy was called 'Strawberry Sensation' (containing strawberry, banana and orange) and is was delicious.

We went straight from one cafe to another to meet up with some of our other friends from uni. This coffee house was called Federal Coffee and that right there is a soya flat white - I'd recommend visiting if you get a chance.

This is Jenny's white hot chocolate and brownie - I had to share it because it looked delicious! (I hate you, dairy allergy.)

Little end of coffee trip selfie from all of us.

Just before saying our goodbyes, which involved several big hugs, we took a little scenic detour to Piccadilly Station.

Goodbye Manchester, you were cold and you snowed a little, but you were wonderful. As for you, Angeliqua and Jenny, I guess it's back to whatsapp for now.

*These photographs were taken on my iPhone - I gave my camera the weekend off, the lucky devil.

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