Elf Lyons Says: Superhero fashion tips for your summer wardrobe

It’s Summer time. The sun is coming out and so are our wonderful bodies, once concealed and disguised in 60 denier black tights, polar necks and a mist of british winter weather.  As usual every magazine is coming up with tips on how to get ready for the beach, how to become the dream you, what diets to do, etc etc etc.... Same old, same old, same old, same old... BORING.

I’ve been trying all the various ‘detox’ tips of the moment: lemon water, apple cider vinegar, leeches*, and am going to the gym every other day in order to become a more healthy me.  None of this has been to lose weight, but to get strong. I want guns**.

I want to bring out my inner Brianne of Tarth - the Khaleesi within. I want to be able to do a plank for 2 minutes and squat on demand. Reason? I was inspired by the London Marathon last month - all the incredible people of all shapes and sizes, sweating their way to the finish line for personal and charitable reasons. These men and women were super. Each one glistening with sweat and running confidently in skin tight lycra.

This then lead me to think about Superman. As is understandable.

One question that has never been answered for me is: WHO DESIGNS BATMAN AND SPIDER MANS CLOTHES?  There has NEVER been that panel or scene in the films where you see Spider man crying over a sewing machine because he’s butchered his fingers again trying to fix that hemline on his shoulder.

You can’t image Superman talking to his local tailor stating: “The key thing with the outfit is that the material is breathable and ideally machine washable, as i wear it under a lot of layers and I’ll be wearing it in lots of adverse weather conditions”

Superhero fashion is some of the most iconic of all, but rarely seen on the catwalk and rarely appropriated on a day by day basis unless at Comic-Con, which is where I was yesterday.

Thus, for this summer, when you are working out your fashion wardrobe, think SUPERHEROES.

With all the major super-hero films coming out at the moment we can take some serious fashion tips from the leading super-heroes and villains at the moment to create outfits which are dynamic, unique and empowering. 

Whether its the gender-bending uniqueness of the gods in The Wicked and the Divine, the darkness and light of Harley Quinn's block colour body suits in Batman or Wonder Woman's empowered choice of high-waisted short-shorts and glamorous head gear, there is something for everyone in the bright world of superhero fashion.

1. You can’t go wrong with Red.

As Ms Marvel, Spider Man and Harley Quinn exemplify, it's eye-catching and heart-pounding. From a red hat to red lipstick, there is something that screams WARRIOR about this colour without any need to go over-the-top.

2. Contrasting primary colours is perfect for summer.

Think WONDER WOMAN and her iconic balance of bright yellows, reds and blues. The clue is to go for individual items of clothing which are just in one block colour. Then, mix together.  In order for this next step to work the key is in the tailoring. If they fit well (look at Wonderwoman’s corset and shorts), then no matter how bright the colour, you’ll pull it off.

3. Less is more.

Sexy and empowered doesn’t always equal short shorts and tight tops, look at Georgio Armani’s female suits from the eighties if you don’t believe me. Think Jumpsuits by day, onesies by night. You never see Batgirl fighting crime in flares and a crop top? No, Jumpsuits are simple and easy to wear and once you find the right style for you, they look AMAZING.

4. High Heels are unnecessary if you don’t like them.

Power is in comfort, so wear your combat boots or Doc Martins with pride.


The key to being a kick-ass superhero is taking pride in the strength and power of your body, and almost every superhero takes pride in their bone crushing thighs. (How many superheros do you see wearing flares? NONE.) Forget all this ‘thigh gap’ nonsense, you need thighs that show YOU MEAN BUSINESS, so if yours work, get them out.

6. Capes may look good, but serve no real purpose and will only hold you up in the working world.

You only have to watch The Incredibles to know this.

7. Pants outside of your tights is always a dynamic way to spice up an outfit.

Look at Lady Gaga and Superman. However, quality of tights and pants is key. You don’t want to get thrush.

8. There is never an inappropriate time to wear leather (well, do check the weather forecast).

Just look at Black Widow - number 1 assassin for Russia and Avengers crime fighter. Also, another perfect example of how less is more and how cool jumpsuits are.


Forget jewellery and expensive accessories, it’s all about decorating your face, and no, I don’t mean painting yourself up like a line or a butterfly. I mean playing about with your eye make-up, eyebrows and your normal colour palette. Facepaint is a very simple, cheap and dynamic way of eccentrifying a look with creative eye make-up. Look at the Gods from The Wicked and the Divine comic books for inspiration. This is great for festival season too.

10. CONFIDENCE - the key to being kick-ass is to act Kick-Ass.

If you need example of this, watch Kick-Ass. If you walk down the street in your jumpsuit, eye make-up with your powerful thighs and your head held high, you are more likely to get someone tell you ‘you look really awesome’ than you are going to get someone say ‘you look weird’. And if you do get that, bollocks to them. What would Superman say?

*Not really.

** Arm guns, not metal guns.

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