A Brighton Blogger Meat Up with ASDA

Did you know that last Thursday (27th August) was National Burger Day? Don't get me wrong, I don't need an excuse to eat burgers, I'm just pleased that they've got their own day. I have ASDA to thank for giving me that knowledge - and not just because they sponsored the hashtag on twitter.

Rather than spending Burger Day eating a burger melted in goats cheese on my kitchen table, I spent the evening hanging out with a great bunch of Brighton Bloggers at a BBQ, eating... salmon. This is another thing I have to thank ASDA and blogger outreach team Talented Talkers for, as they arranged a fantastic evening - one of my favourite blogger events ever, in fact.

I've been feeling like an outcast in the blogging community since I moved to Brighton. I didn't really know anyone and they're tougher to hunt down than you think - despite it being a real hub for bloggers. This event really helped to fix that.

We were picked up from Brighton Station on the Lemon Bus, which coincidently is run by chip fat, and taken to a 'secret location' just outside of Brighton. There was a lot of small talk, of course, but it was a really comfortable environment, not as cliquey as the usual blogger event - and even the friendship groups that had already formed were open to newbies.

The BBQ itself was a fantastic spread. You'll be able to gather that from the photos - or, photos of people taking photos of food. Those intolerant to various foods, like myself, Aisling from Aisybee, Jenna from Raw Rhubarb and a few other bloggers there, had lots of options. 


Massive thank you to Talented TalkersASDA and the fantastic catering team for a wonderful evening.

And thank you Brighton bloggers, for helping me to feel even more at home here.

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