Putting the 'life' back into the lifestyle blogger

I've just spent the last three days reading through 650,012 words that I've written over the last 7 years under the pseudonym, Pippa Says. 472-posts-worth of these words are no longer with us. 38,813 words are due to be snuck in over the coming weeks.

Those 650,012 words and thousands of photographs have made me cringe more than my 17-year-old self's songbook, but they've also filled me with both a great sense of pride. Pippa Says has been an incredible adventure: I've travelled, gone to fashion shows, interviewed hundreds of people, covered loads of gigs, run my own gigs, hosted a radio show and lived in three different cities. She's pulled me through breakups, exams, friendship fallouts and grief. I simply wouldn't be who I am or where I am without her.

But the time has come for us to go our separate ways.

For those of you who have just stumbled across this blog or tend to dip in and out of my posts, Pippa Says was created as a new music blog 7 years ago today. To the reader, it was just another music blogger writing about artists they've never heard of. To me, I was talking about the undiscovered music that I loved through a character that I'd created - a character who was cooler, smarter, sassier and funner than more. 

My real name wasn't even Pippa back then.

I've always referred to Pippa Says as my alter ego and have seen this blog as hers. That mentality worked through my late teens and early twenties, when I needed an internal figure to keep me strong. But these days I need a space to celebrate who I am, rather than who I want to be.

I was going to title this post "I'm the worst blogger on the internet".

In the last week, I've broken every SEO and digital marketing rule that I would usually insist anyone that I consult follows. 

I've moved my domain from wordpress.org to Squarespace and haven't re-mapped the post URLs yet, I've deleted 80% of my posts, I've added a Beyonce gif into a post about food intolerances and let's not even go there with all the missed opportunities on social.

Worst blogger ever.

The thing is, I follow laws of the Content Marketing Gods (they who shall not be named, as we don't really know who they are) every single day. When it comes to my own blog, all I ever wanted to really do was stick it to the man and publish whatever the hell I want.

I'm going rogue.

Pippa Says was making me feel guilty that I wasn't really writing about music anymore and that I wasn't leading the flawless insta-blogger lifestyle. 

Truth be told, I'm not a glamorous person. I wear BB cream instead of foundation, I paint my nails twice a year then leave them to chip away and I don't even own a makeup brush - let alone know the difference between them.

The likelihood of me being a blogger who sunbathes in the Bahamas and dips in an infinity pool in Bali is slim - mostly because I can't rest for more than 5 minutes and I tend to dive into pools.

I also much prefer to be peering through the viewfinder of a camera, rather than the lens. 

Don't get me wrong, I'm a blogger in every single sense of the word - the online world is almost as important to me as the offline one - I'm just denouncing my position as a lifestyle blogger who wants anything more than a space to share her life.

I guess I just want to put the 'life' back into lifestyle blogger

Instagram lies, Pinterest exaggerates, Twitter shows off and Facebook just wants your money. Blogging is my space to just be real. 

This isn't just a new chapter of Pippa Says - this is a whole new book. 

My life is changing in unfathomable ways, as it does when you start creeping out of your early twenties. I want to share it with you - as openly and honestly as the offline world will allow.

The 472 posts that I deleted last night were written by a part of me that I can no longer connect with, about brands that I no longer support and bands that broke up years ago. There are some old posts that I still adore and need to upload - my time is rather limited these days. You'll see the full extent of that soon enough, if you don't know me personally already.

My new site covers every aspect of who I am: what I do, what I think, who I hang out with and the adventures that I find myself on.

Music will always be a part of this blog. Writing and music are my two greatest loves, after all. It'll just fall into the pages of life (for gigs), thoughts (for reviews), friends (for interviews) and photography. 

The 'friends' section gives you an insight into my community, and into the people who make my world a brighter place.

And, most notably, I'm going to take you on my journey of creating and growing Brighton Girl into the incredible network that its becoming.

Without further ado, it is my pleasure to welcome you to my new home and to invite you on a brand new adventure. 

LifePippa Says