Why you should comment on blogs

Blogging often feels like you're stabbing in the dark. Sure, sometimes it's a therapeutic stabbing - in a non-murderous way. But, most of the time it's a I-really-don't-know-where-I'm-waving-this-thing stabbing.

You spend hours preparing a blog post, see that a few thousand people have read it, but rarely ever see what people really thought. Should you write a post like that again? Or does the reader want something else?

People often assume that all blogs are just digital journals - an insight into the thoughts and lifestyles of others. They read them like books - indulgently, imaginatively and silently.

Yet, most bloggers don't treat themselves as authors. We are commentators. We write about our worlds as we know it, and invite people to step in. Sometimes those worlds seem far away, Tuula Vintage and The Londoner's extravagant travels are far from the worlds of many, but for those 5/10 minutes of blog reading, you're right there with them.

The driving force behind every blog is not the blogger - it's the audience. Without the audience, it loses its purpose.

This is not because we're insecure attention seekers, as critics have heckled. It's because whilst we all start a blog for some intrinsic self-satisfying purpose, for most people that satisfaction comes from knowing you're helping someone with something.

Whilst analytics might tell us that you're reading, we don't know for certain that you're really there or how you really feel about what we're doing. The only way we can ever see you is if you speak up.

There are many reasons why you should comment on blogs: it helps improve the blog, it helps in the blogger's mission to tell google that they can be trusted and it's a nice confidence boost for the blogger.

There are also reasons not to comment on them: it takes up time, you often have to sign in to something and you don't really know what to say. If you really enjoyed the post though, enough to share it with someone, all I ask you to do is to just think about letting the blogger know. Alternatively, constructive criticism can only make anyone stronger - play nice though.

With one comment, you can help to shine the light that makes the blog a better experience for you.

I solemnly swear to comment on every blog left below. 

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