Blogger Army patrols Central London to take #GiffGaffSnaps

Pippa, why did you spam my Instagram feed on Wednesday night?

I spent my Wednesday night walking for two hours amongst an army of bloggers, instagramming Central London. Well, instagramming bloggers who were instagramming London - I'll explain that in a moment. First, let me address why my iPhone and I were part of this expedition.

You see, myself and around 50 other bloggers were invited to go on an "instagram tour" of Central London, hosted by 'Best LDN Walks' and sponsored by smart-thinking mobile company Giff Gaff. The founder of 'Best LDN Walks', Charlotte, guided us from Waterloo, over to Southbank, down to Leake Street tunnel, then to Westminster and back to the very centre of London in Charing Cross.

Charlotte was by far the best tour guide I've ever had - and I'm not saying this because the whole thing was sponsored. She was bubbly, charismatic and had a real understanding of her audience - unlike the drony, dull, denture-losing tour guides I've had in the past (we found a fair share in New York). So thank you, Charlotte, for restoring my faith in tour guides.

Alongside Charlotte was Phil Hibberd from Photography Made Simple, who runs photography courses for beginners. Phil was a helpful, encouraging and reassuring teacher - if you're looking to learn the basics of photography, he's your guy (another thing that I'm not just saying because I have to).

You can find a photo by yours truly and a few more photos by other bloggers on Giff Gaff's blog post about the evening, found here.


As you'll see in a moment, if you haven't scrolled down already, my instashots are of the bloggers. This was not because they kept getting in the way of my "stunningly artist" shots of the London Eye or oddly angled Houses of Parliament photos. This was because I've been taking shots like that for years - Lord knows how many times my instagram's seen Big Ben.

Whilst I loved walking around and taking in the beauty of our great capital, I wanted to show you guys the #GiffGaffSnaps walk from a different angle - by showing you what was actually going on behind the scenes. Whilst social media was going crazy with our mighty hashtag, I wanted to show you the efforts made by bloggers to make it that way.

I won't win a selfie stick in Giff Gaff's competition for "best instagram photo", but I may win the reputation of "official blogger paparazzi", maybe...