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When I first came across Becca Moody and her comedy blog, Moody Comedy, she reminded me a lot of myself. She's 17 years old, the same age as I when I started (although she was actually 15 when she started it), and is blogging about her passion, in her own way. Although Becca is a lot cooler and social media savvy than I was at that age (but in my defense, all I really had to work with back then was myspace).

Becca's blog, Moody Comedy, features a lot of comedians - as you can see from her archive page. She reviews TV shows, radio shows, podcasts and live shows in the comedy world - and, awesomely, has interviewed Noel Fielding. After reading through her posts and subscribing to her blog, I really wanted to know more about her and what inspirations lie behind such a great blog.

How did Moody Comedy begin?

It’s all sort of a blur really: when I was fifteen I decided to set up a blog on a whim where I could talk about comedy but I wasn’t really sure what would feature or what kind of posts I would write. It was just for fun really; I didn’t tell anyone, I just used it as an outlet rather than boring my friends and family to death talking about comedians they had never heard of. Within a few months I was writing posts more regularly and had a clearer idea regarding how the site was going to develop, though it is still evolving naturally and I seem to be the last to know! As for the name, I figured if you don’t own the surname, the surname owns you

When did you discover your love for comedy?

When I was very young. I grew up watching The Mighty Boosh, Peter Serafinowicz and Vic & Bob with my dad and sister and we were, and still are, always doing stupid stuff to make each other laugh. It wasn’t until I was fourteen that I went to my first live comedy gig, which I loved, and since then I’ve been going to as many as I can afford. My family all appreciate and value comedy, and I think that has been vital for me.

You’ve met so many amazing comedians, how did that happen?

It started by just hanging around after shows to chat to the comedians and I think they have time for me because I’m young and have a genuine interest. But thanks to the wonder that is Twitter I have been able to chat to comics more regularly, and direct them to things I’ve written about them on the site, so a lot of them know who I am already when I go to their shows. I’m very lucky because the majority of my favourite comedians are quite obscure, so perform in small comedy clubs and arts centres, and it's therefore easier to meet them after.

What would you say are the highlights of running your blog?

The highlight for me will always have to be the fact I get to meet so many incredible people, for example, last October I was given the opportunity to interview Noel Fielding for the British Comedy Guide. Noel is my absolute favourite comedian so this was a massive deal for me, and very scary, but of course he was lovely. He arranged for me to meet him backstage after his show in Birmingham a few weeks later, which was a surreal and magical experience. It’s crazy to think that my little site has enabled me to meet to my hero. It’s also brilliant to receive so much support and encouragement from people I massively respect; I’ve recently started writing for a site called The Velvet Onion, which is one I have followed for years.

What have your greatest challenges been with your blog?

When I first started there were no expectations of me as nobody really read anything I posted, but at the site has grown, so has my readership and so has the pressure! I always post twice a week, which is great when there are lots of events to go to and shows to recommend, but sometimes I really have to scrape the barrel. On occasion, however, there is so much to write about that I get overwhelmed and want to post everything at once, which really tests my patience. Also, a lot of people don’t appreciate how long even a short post can take to write which can be frustrating sometimes, but I can deal with that.

Which undiscovered comedians should we be keeping an eye on?

There are so many fantastic comedians that I think deserve more recognition for their talent such as Aisling Bea, though I wouldn’t define her as ‘undiscovered’ as she recently won Best Female Television Comic at the British Comedy Awards. I think Aisling is incredibly funny, as is Luisa Omielan, who had a great year last year, James Acaster and Malcolm Head. I also think Jason Byrne is massively underrated and everyone should go and see him live if they get the chance.

What is your ultimate goal with Moody Comedy?

To be honest, although I am a keen writer, I never really wanted to be a journalist or a critic or anything of that sort. My dream is to be on the other side, whether that be writing or performing, I’m not sure yet, but I know I want to work in comedy. Right now though, as I'm still only in sixth form doing my AS Levels, my goal is just to keep doing what I’m doing because it seems to be getting me closer to where I want to be. I want to continue being able to class my idols as my friends as that’s why I started all of this in the first place.

Becca's got an incredibly exciting career ahead in the comedy world! Join me in following over through it all on her blogtwitter and her facebook page.

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