The highs and lows of setting up FBL Bloggers

Starting a new project, and convincing people to take part is a tough game and can be very challenging - which can be made particularly harder when you have so much else going on. Jess, who set up the blogger network FBL Bloggers, in 2012 knows this predicament all too well. As well as managing a platform where thousands of bloggers can share their work and communicate with eachother in a safe and structured environment, Jess runs her own blog LWIG:Look What I Got! and works full time in London.

She's a very inspiring person with an applaudable work ethic, so I asked her to write about the challenges that she faced when setting up the popular blogger's network and how running such a successful platform has made her stronger.

The beginning of FBL Bloggers

Hey all, my name is Jess! I am an enthusiastic and bubbly blogger from London. Aside for running my own blog LWIG:Look What I Got! I set up my own blogger network back in January 2012, called FBL Bloggers. So why did I decide to set up FBL Bloggers? As an extrovert, I love to be around people. After a year of blogging, I realised that I didn't know any bloggers;  I wanted blogger peeps who I could share my hobby with. Additionally, I realized that there was a lack of community for up and coming bloggers. The blogger scene was heavily focused on fashion and beauty bloggers, whilst bloggers who focused on other topics such as travel, food etc were highly neglected. So I embarked on a journey to unite the blogging community.

I was extremely excited to launch FBL bloggers, and I launched it on Facebook as a group, which became very popular. Later on, I created our Twitter account (@fashbeautylife) to increase FBL's reach! Most of you will be aware of the every Tuesday at 8-9pm, my team and I host our Twitter chat (#fblchat) which discusses key topics in blogging. I am happy to say that we trend every Tuesday and due to our popularity we have 14k followers on Twitter and over 6K on Facebook group (members from around the world).


The #fblchat was maad tonight! Thanks for joining in! #fblchat #blogging #twitter. Remember to follow the official fbl bloggers twitter @fashbeautylife.

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The highs

It amazes me that FBL Bloggers will be in its 3rd year at the end of January! I am surprised that I was soo committed to this, despite running my own blog, concentrating on my degree, full time work and balancing a personal life during the network's conception. I was almost fearless, because I wanted to make a change. But do you know why I still do it? The fire that drives me to run FBL is the prospect of uniting bloggers together! The power to enlighten bloggers with valuable knowledge for the blogs via the #fblchat and heck even meeting some of the bloggers in real life, has made me so happy. Whenever, I go to events or speak to bloggers online, they regularly tell me how much they love the group and the #fblchat that it warms me up!

Due to FBL, I have gotten a lot of opportunities to speak at events and get interviewed ! I regularly share my insights on the blogging community and being an effective blogger. I have really liked doing these events, as I have been able to network and really help bloggers who are struggling to make their mark.  Not to mention, I always give advice on brands working effectively with bloggers and vice versa.

The lows

Although I am happy that FBL Bloggers has grown exponentially, it has become increasingly difficult to manage since I work full time. A lot of people do not know how much work it takes, literally it is like a full time job in addition to my own job. You should see the notifications, I get on my phone during the #fblchat! My phone literally goes crazy lol.

Additionally, with FBL Bloggers being in it's third year, I constantly think about the next steps. How do I take the network to the next level, to really benefit bloggers? This is my aim for 2015. It is a big task, that has concerned me greatly over the last few months. I want to make it it an amazing platform for everyone, I know I can do it.


All in all, FBL Bloggers is an amazing project, and I am so glad I started it, as it has literally changed my life. I stepped out of my comfort zone, to do something that mattered! I have always wanted to help people in some way and I think I am doing so, whilst following my own dreams. What has the future have in store for me and FBL Bloggers.. well you will just have to wait and see!

Jess x

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