Song Addiction: 'I Could Never' by Ed Prosek

The first song I listened to this morning was the song in the video above – and the subject of this blog post. It was a crisp morning, with the clouds holding in their desperation to rain, and Churchill Square in Brighton was as busy as it always is – but this time people were rushing to work rather than to Urban Outfitters or Marks & Spencers.

This song has been out for nearly a month. I’ve listened to it so much that I can now sing it and play it on the piano. Anyone who follows me on social media may have seen it pop up, but I’ve been quite selfish about keeping this song to myself.

I’ve done that with a lot of songs lately.

There’s something about Ed Prosek’s music that makes you feel like he’s singing to you – only you. I’m not quite sure how he does it. The production? His voice? The lyrics? That intense strumming of his guitar? Probably all of them.

‘I Could Never’ has kept me company on my way to work – it’s also seen me through the transition of changing workplaces. Don’t read into the lyrics with this one though, I’m very happy with my recent change and my heart is in tact. If anything, on the days when I do listen to the lyrics, I feel grateful that I don’t feel a connection to them.

I’m connected to the music – that anticipating riff, the build up of the verses and the burst in the chorus that makes you want to rush a little faster. It’s the perfect soundtrack for a cold morning, kicking through fallen leaves and trying to get into the warm as soon as you can.

I’ve intended to review this song for the last month, but I realised this morning that this post would be more of an experience-driven one than anything remotely critical. I don’t know if this will convince you to listen to the song any more than it would have if I’d have used terms like ‘soaring vocals‘ and ‘eclectic sounds‘, but I hope it does.

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