Brighton Bloggers I adore

Nothing beats a Saturday morning sitting on your sofa with a cup of tea and catching up on the offline worlds of my online friends - and, in the case of some, future friends who simply don't know that I exist yet.

Whilst I always strive to discover new bloggers and friends to be, I cherish those whose laptops, cameras and inspiring personalities have created their domains a little closer to home.

After two years of being a Brighton Blogger and stalking those in my circle, I thought it was time to confess whose blogs I simply can't miss - so you can't miss them too.

Jess and Josh Cook


These two are an ace foodie couple, who make me really hungry.

You'll mostly find: Food

They've inspired me to: Visit Marmalade - finally!

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The Third Place

This blog reminds me that cafes and restaurants are more than just a place to drink coffee - they can be a place to live another part of your life. She doesn't just review the food in a cafe or restaurant, she reviews how it can be a new space for her.

Wikipedia - the reliable source that it often is - can tell you a little more about the Third Place concept.

You'll mostly find: Food

She's inspired me to: Visit the new Cafe Chilli in Kemptown!

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Foodie Eshe

I've had to start avoiding Foodie Eshe's blog when I'm hungry. Her reviews, recipes and general food porn make my dismal attempts at cooking look like those hideous school dinners I used to avoid. I dream of the day that Foodie Eshe and I have dinner together - because I always want whatever she has on her plate.

You'll mostly find: Food

She's inspired me to: Try everything on the menu at Silo!

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Brighton Born and Bread

Brighton Born and Bread is a new find - mostly because it's a new blog! She posts twice a week sharing little insights into her life - mostly about what she's eating, baking and the things she loves to do in Brighton. I've loved following her journey from the beginning and am excited to watch her blog evolve.

You'll mostly find: Food - lots of delicious recipes, to be specific!

She's inspired me to: Dream of having Lush bath products in my life

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Honestly Aine

Honestly Aine's more of a vlogger than a blogger, but I still adore reading whatever she puts on her site just as much as watching her beautifully eccentric personality on YouTube. The greatest thing I'll always love about Honestly Aine is her honesty - big shocker there, I know. She'll tell you when things are great, and when things are just plain shit, and remind those of us facing the same troubles as her that both are ok.

You'll mostly find: Beauty and lifestyle (with a big focus on the freelance battles)

She's inspired me to: Think a little more about adopting a better skincare routine - coconut oil may not cut it forever...

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LV in love with

LV in love with is absolutely beautiful - online and offline. Her beaming personality and wanderlusting photos make me dream of a world where I can look as incredible in hats, bikinis and pointy shoes as she can. 

You'll mostly find: Clothes

She's inspired me to: Visit Bali, where I'll take a selfie whilst sipping a coconut and looking totally fabulous

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Tea, Cake and Make

Tea, Cake and Make has a huge focus on the importance of wellbeing, honesty and health. Whilst she doesn't claim to be a nutritionist, Tea, Cake and Make shares an insight into her vegan lifestyle and offers advise to those who have chosen the same path. Personally, I'm not vegan, but I do have a dairy and gluten free diet so I always go to her for restaurant inspiration when I need a place to eat that'll deal with my monstrous list of things I can't eat.

You'll mostly find: Vegan Lifestyle

She's inspired me to: Prioritise self-care

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Amy Rutter

Amy Rutter is a lifestyle blogger who writes about life as honestly as she sees it. I love getting stuck in to her opinion posts, but I also adore her Gluten Free food suggestions - being a wheat free lady myself. 

You'll mostly find: Lifestyle

She's inspired me to: Try the Gluten Free Pizza at MOD Pizza

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Closing Winter


Closing Winter always inspires me to delve into the blogging scene more - she's such a huge advocate for the online-can-be-offline-too world, attending all sorts of blogger events and sharing her experiences of running a blog that's found such great success. 

You'll mostly find: Lifestyle and Beauty 

She's inspired me to: Think about what my blogging goals are

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Fizzy Peaches

Fizzy Peaches is a total babe. She shares almost every aspect of her life online in a light, engaging way. Over the recent months, she's also let us into her journey to being a mother. Baby Peaches, due any moment, is one very luck baby.

You'll mostly find: Lifestyle

She's inspired me to: Try out Indian Summer!

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Jenny in Brighton

This girl loves her gin. And I love my gin, too. So we're a match made in heaven, really.

You'll mostly find: Gin 

She's inspired me to: Drink Cotswold Gin, when my bank balance allows

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Kitty Wheeler Shaw

Kitty is one of the best photographers I know. Every Brighton Girl I talk to dreams of having their photo taken by her, because she has an incredible eye for beauty and an impeccable talent. Her blog is filled with photos that make me swoon and words that make me laugh, adoring how wonderfully humble and honest she is. 

You'll mostly find: Photography 

She's inspired me to: Attend a photography workshop

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Confession: I designed Kitty's blog.

Which Brighton Bloggers would you add to the list? 

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