Dan's Recipe: Blueberry and Avocado Smoothie Bowl

I'm not the easiest person to cater for, being allergic to dairy and intolerant to wheat, but my loved ones never let me go hungry. Dan Wheale and I have a deal: he cooks, I photograph - and eat. But his food is too good for me to keep offline. 

So, for this post, Dan's taking the reigns to share one of my favourite breakfasts - and tell us a little about why it's so good for busy-bodies like us. 

For someone who likes to cook so much Iā€™m really not the best of eaters, I regularly skip breakfast in favour of getting a head start on the day and regularly forget meals, so getting some inspiration back into my morning routine has been very important.

Whether you are in a high stakes, fast-paced job or starting on your own, one thing clearly eludes all of us: time. The beauty of this is that it only took me 5 minutes to make.

I have always been a fan of the way these bowls, brimming with goodness, look but didn't fully appreciated how fresh I would feel afterwards before I put together a variation of recipes and gave it a go for myself. Packed with a mix of nutrients and omega to boost energy, this smoothie bowl was a great start to the day - and tasted delicious. 


1 Cup of fresh Blueberries

1 Cup Fresh Raspberries

1 Ripe avocado

2 Cups Almond Milk (or coconut if you want)

1 Cup Dry Granola

1 Pear

Dried cranberries

Chia seeds

Pumpkin Seeds

Flaked Almonds


1. Throw all of the ingredients - asides from the granola and a few of the seeds and fruit pieces - into your blender and mix it up until smooth and pulverised.

2. Put 1-2 inches of Granola on the base, then add the smoothie in the bowl and cover the smoothie with a layer of Granola again, leaving a small amount of space for toppings.

3. To finish, add your fruit, nuts and seeds on top and enjoy!

It's easy, quick and you can experiment with a range of different toppings. I'd love to hear what your favourites are!

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Words by Dan, photos by me.

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