Song Addiction: 'Moving Ghosts' by SeaBed

As I write this, my head’s bobbing, hips are swaying and shoulders are doing a bit of both – I probably look a bit mad, but you can’t sit still to this song. You only need to press play on the track above to see why.

Any band that makes me dance at my desk on a Sunday morning has my vote.

The band responsible for my Sunday morning dance fest (and, hopefully, yours too) are Brighton-based electronic duo, Sea Bed.

Photography by Daisy Emily Warne

Photography by Daisy Emily Warne

Their latest single, ‘Moving Ghosts’, was released just a few days ago and has already accumulated 3,780 plays at the time of writing this – only 10 were from me, promise.

They haven’t even released their debut EP yet and they’re already intriguing the likes of Clash Music, BBC Introducing and Vice. Although, this is pretty unsurprising. When you can tastefully allow R&B, electronic, pop and a splash of psychedelia to collaborate this organically, people are bound to listen.

Brighton most certainly is.

Take your desk dance moves to an actual dance floor on Tuesday 2nd February at the Green Door Store in Brighton.

Until then, you can add ‘Moving Ghosts’ (above) and ‘Akira’ (below) to your playlists – and show your support by liking their Facebook page.

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