Rosina Makes: Gluten and Dairy Free Baked Goodies

I'm a nightmare to have for dinner. My friends call it a 'challenge', my best friends call me a fucking nightmare and my family usually just get me to cook. 

As if it wasn't a pain enough to be dairy free for 8 years, my body decided I couldn't have wheat anymore either a little over 18 months ago - a revelation that I dealt with very maturely by writing a post comparing newly diagnosed food intolerances to a break up.

Gluten and dairy free baked goodies are pretty much off the cards, unless I bake it myself or have a birthday, where one of my friends pities me for my lack of cake - both of which only happens once a year. (Ok, just one happens once a year - I either burn cakes, get frustrated as they refuse to rise, or not bother at all.)

I must admit, I do eat vegan cake sometimes and just deal with the wheat-lead consequences.

Pity party aside, my tragic life-without-cake-that-doesn't-make-me-feel-sick was recently turned around by the discovery of Rosina Makes, a local Brighton baker team. I spotted one of their dairy and gluten free donuts on Instagram and cheekily put myself forward to review one of them.

To my absolute delight, and the delight of my friends at the time, they gave me a whole box of treats! 

Summed up in 5 words: These are so damn good

I figured I'd jump straight in with the final verdict, given how quickly they jumped out of the box and into my stomach.

I can't even begin to tell you how much of a struggle it is to find dairy and wheat free treats that don't have that "naturally plant-based diet health" thing going on. Rosina Makes treats really do taste like the somewhat-unhealthy-but-so-damn-good baked goodies that I used to love so dearly. 

The Donuts

These beautiful heart shaped donuts were small, but mighty. They're not quite the squidgy Homer Simpson type donuts - more like delicately-shaped cakes covered in chocolate, with sprinkles of fruit flakes and sea salt. And utterly devastating to finish, I might add.

The Banana and Almond Muffins

Imagine the perfect lazy morning: PJs on, coffee fuelled, slippers praying they'll never leave your feet again, a book in one hand and a breakfast muffin in the other. This is that breakfast muffin. The breakfast muffin for all those whose stomachs will not allow them to have breakfast muffins.

Savoury, moist and with a hint of sweetness - but not enough to make you feel any kind of guilt over starting the day with cake.

In all honesty, it's the best muffin I've had in 8 years.


I've written the title for FUDGE in capitals because it's FUDGE. 

Every fudge maker I've spoken to over the last 8 years about creating a dairy free option has rolled their eyes and told me that "fudge isn't fudge without the cows". (Seriously, someone actually said that.)

But, Mr Cow-Fudge, Rosina Makes has proven your theory wrong - and they've done a stellar job at it. These little blocks of fudge were very sweet, but wonderfully creamy. Just as I remember them.

The Rosina Makes Story

"It all started quite a few years ago - when a couple family members fell unwell. One with M.E , which can cause many severe food intolerances/allergies, and another with coeliac disease. For many years, cake seemed impossible. I still remember the very first homemade gluten free cake 12 years ago - a bland rice tainted flat cake with the worst dairy free chocolate spread!

After many failed cake attempts, 3 years ago we finally made a cake that was free from gluten, egg, dairy and soya (with no banana in sight) that tasted just like a traditional cake!

In order to celebrate, we decided to host a cake stall to raise money for Invest in M.E - to our amazement, we sold out very quickly, and there was a high demand for more.

It took a while, but finally in March 2016, Rosina Makes emerged!"

Questions I know you're all thinking

How can I get them in my living room?

Either drop them a message on their Facebook Page or email them,

Where can I find them in Brighton?

  • Green Kitchen (who also sell their Bakewell Tarts on Deliveroo!) 
  • Purezza
  • Loving Hut

Can I get you a Rosina Makes treat, whilst I'm at it?

Aww, how sweet of you. I'd love a donut! Oh, and a muffin. 

Fudge would be nice, too.

Have you tried Rosina Makes before? Or perhaps some other gluten and dairy free baked goodies that you'd say were 'so damn good', too? Let's talk cake in the comments. 

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