You know you're a Brightonian when...

This month marks two years since I moved back to my favourite seaside city - having previously lived here for a little under a year in 2010 as an aspiring rockstar (*ahem* BIMM student).

We had a three year gap whilst I was "getting really serious about my future", doing a journalism degree in the hilly, windy, grey yet charming city of Sheffield, but my love for Brighton was too powerful to settle down anywhere else.

In just two short years, Brighton has become home. I've built a support network, a business and a safe haven - and I feel more comfortable with who I am than ever before. 

As my two year anniversary has come to light, I've been thinking a lot about the little things that can identify a Brightonian - and laughing to myself when I realised that I tick nearly every box. 

I thought my Brightonian readers might appreciate some of the observations.

Your friend's fridges have at least two types of milk in them

And cow's milk is rarely one of them.

You'll struggle to find builder's tea in their cupboards, too

You've had an in-depth discussion about the corporate rise of Small Batch

You've also got your eye on Flour Pot's cafe domination game...

If you realise you've made plans on Brighton Pride Weekend, you immediately cancel them

Or desperately try.

You've perfected your itinerary for everyone who comes to visit for the weekend

Small Batch and Flour Pot are probably on it, being the coffee/bread landmarks of Brighton.

you always make a point of telling these visitors that you NEVER go down West Street

But then your memory reminds you of that hazy night at Molly Malone's a few weeks back...

You've seriously considered going vegan

And reckon you'll end up caving in, if you haven't already.

Someone's tried to convert you to a plant based diet, too

You dream of a kitchen filled with Infinity Foods products

And when you do shop at Infinity Foods, you want to slip it into as many conversations as you can.

You've told your non-Brightonian friends that Brighton has more pubs than days of the year

And you've been secretly proud.

You fear you'll miss out on a Sunday Pub Roast if you leave your house past 1pm on a Sunday

You'd think that was crazy after the previous point, but post-1pm and your Sunday lunch mission turns into a "roast quest".

Your awareness of environmental and societal issues has risen significantly

And you find yourself recommending documentaries like 'Cowspiracy' to you everyone you meet.

You've downloaded a meditation app

And have at some point convinced yourself you're a 'mindfulness guru'.

You've gone to the beach to cry 

And at least once it's been about how damn expensive this city can be.

You've also gone to the beach because you want it to cure your hangover


You've referred to the i360 as the 'donut'

Or, the cock ring.

You get very territorial when "Londoners" come down to Brighton in the summer

We've all said something along the lines of: "hang on, we pay our bills all year round for this beach, then they come down and take all the space!"

You've made it a mission to find out who the Zebra playing the piano actually is

Or at least thought about it.

You cry a little every time you pay rent for a place that's severely overpriced

Then you look at the sea and chill.

Would you add a few more to this post? I'm sure I will as soon as I press 'publish'! 
Share yours in the comments below.

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