work with me

I'm a trained journalist, a content marketing specialist, a web designer and the owner of a (nearly) 9-year-old blog, a local Brighton online magazine and an international online-driven startup. Over the last few years, I've been working as a freelance consultant, helping small business to develop their digital presence through a range of different services.   

Content Marketing Strategy

A content strategy isn't about just having a blog. It's about looking at your audience and seeing what type of content they like to digest - whether it's a blog post, a social network, a video channel, a podcast, an event, an email marketing campaign, a webinar or even a social media influencer they admire. 

I work with small businesses to develop a content strategy that fits their brand values and their budget. I build a strategy that focuses on the purpose and outcome for every single piece of content, as well as practical guides on how it should be executed - whether its through an employee, me or a freelancer from my own network.

Freelance Writer

Blog Content Creation

Over the years, I’ve written for the likes of NME, Rock Sound, DIY, Counterfeit Magazine, Huffington Post, Guardian and Ethical Consumer about new music, sustainable fashion, culture, environmental activism, tech and business. I’ve also written commercially for several B2C brands, B2B businesses and entrepreneurs.

SEO Copywriter

I've written thousands of words for dozens of websites that need to be highly-focused on keywords and well-optimised for search engines.  

Frontend Website Design (Wordpress and Squarespace)

I've worked on dozens of sites in Squarespace and Wordpress over the last few years; creating sites from scratch - as the examples show below - or improving the UX design for better performance. My goal as a web designer is to give my clients the freedom, the training and the tools to develop the site themselves at the end of the project. I also have a network of photographers, writers, graphic designers and SEO technical specialists who I can bring in on projects.