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Brighton Fashion Revolution Week: Panel Compere

I'll be leading a Brighton Girl organised panel on 'How to dress sustainably' for Brighton Fashion Revolution Week. 

This is a free panel - come and show some love!


In honour of Brighton Fashion Revolution Week, Brighton Girl are hosting a panel that offers practical advice to anyone who’s asking this question: “Where do I FIND this sustainable and ethical wardrobe?!”

More people than ever are asking questions like “who made my clothes?” and “will my clothes have a negative impact on the environment?” 

They know that changes need to be made, but they don't quite know where to make them.

What socks do I wear now? What material should I look for when buying T-Shirts? Where do I find ethical swimwear?

Deciding to have a conscious wardrobe is so much harder than people let on at first.

So let's get together to share ideas, ask questions and figure out HOW we should make a difference, rather than just the WHY.


Jimmy Dorrell, co-founder of Creative Bloom - Jimmy’s spent the last 15 years specialising in eco-marketing, environmental management, sustainable procurement and eco- design, with clients including major fashion brands like Mulberry, Stella McCartney and YSL. In Brighton, he has supported Ruby Moon. He’s now the co-founder of Creative Bloom, a data driven marketing agency with a specialism in helping eco businesses.

Hermione Berendt, Co-founder of Revival Collective - Hermione’s on the front lines of the ethical and sustainable fashion scene in Brighton. Revival Collective, who we’ve teamed up with to put on Brighton Fashion Revolution Week, frequently organise events and write blog posts recommending the most conscious outfits you could wear.

Katie Yarde - Katie’s been doing the “6 item challenge”, raising money for ‘Labour behind the label”. As a busy working mum, we’ll hear the day to day challenges and rewards she's found from dressing consciously.

To find out more about Brighton Fashion Revolution Week and see what else we've got planned - have a look on the Brighton Girl website!